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Activities for All Dancers

Activities for All Dancers brings fun to the studio, important information to dancers and their support teams, tools for reflection, goal setting plans, and lessons for dancing with intention. 

Post-High School Seminar
and Dance in College

dancers15 -19 years old and their support teams

Choices, Dance in College, and College Dance List 

help clarify opportunities for dancers after high school. With a holistic and non-judgemental approach regarding various paths,  college dance programs, and the professional community, the SaraBibikDance seminars offer direction for high school dancers and information about the dance world for their support teams.​

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Dance in College Questionnaire
dance jobs collage.jpg

Jobs in the Dance World
Cross Match Game

dancers14 - 22 years old

This cross-match game gives dancers insight and space to consider the types of jobs that make the performance of dance possible. Listing 18 professions and the requirements of each one, participants match the skills to the job.

Jobs in the Dance World helps to create a sense of wholeness for performance-minded artists and offers dancers ideas for integrating their passions and interests. 

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Jobs in the Dance World Cross Match Game

Chance Dance

dancers 10 - 22 years old 

This improv activity is best in a large group of 14 or more.  

Chance Dance adds improvisation, creative thinking, interaction, and FUN to a class! Try it before a holiday break or anytime you need a technique break. It’s best to do this when dancers feel comfortable with each other (not an ice breaker or beginning of the year activity).

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Pole Dance


dancers 7 - 22 years olds

Reflection Activities allow dancers to complete the cycle of learning. It allows for a time of calmness and asks for a mindset of possibility. 


Reflection Questions offer dancers the opportunity for understanding, responsibility, and empowerment. 

Correction Collection is a fun worksheet to help dancers see corrections as treasures!! This helps them see these gifts in a new light that can be cherished, remembered, and put into action.


"That feels..." When engaging, stretching, or activating muscles for the first time, young dancers will sometimes say "that hurts". Experienced dancers sometimes plow right through a "tweak" and crash right to an injury. This graph gives dancers the language they need to work in this very physical art form.

Golden Repair is an ancient Japanese lesson that teaches that injury, "disaster", and "failure" can be valued as natural life events and can authentically enhance beauty.

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Reflection Pages


dancers 9 - 17 years old

Moving through classes, rehearsals, and performances without goals can be like driving without a map. You might see some cool things, but there is a good chance you'll end up someplace that has no meaning for you. Setting goals can offer empowerment. 


Excellence in Class, Rehearsal, and Performance is a comprehensive roadmap for dancers. Intended to offer rules, guidelines, and suggestions to help dancers get the most out of their precious time commitment, help alleviate misunderstanding with teachers, and allow performances to be meaningful experiences.

I Can Do Hard Things coloring pages and You Can Do Hard Things mini poster. These tools offer inspiration and motivation to help you know that even when something is hard, you can feel strong. 

Simple Goals Worksheet and

Questions for Teens Questions for Teachers

Goals don't have to be carved in stone, but identifying what's important for you can help you feel more in control, fuel your days, and offer important milestones.

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Male Ballet Dancer

dancers10 - 22 years olds

Helping dancers rehearse and perform with Intention. These practices help with technical proficiency and for a goal of helping dance itself to emerge as vital art and entertainment. 

Intermediate Intention is a fun activity demonstrating that any combination can be done with different thoughts and/or feelings. Giving dancers a deeper understanding of their artistic voice and offering possibilities for their work. 

Advanced Intention gives dancers a multitude of ideas for focus, health, and artistry. 

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Professional Dance Seminar

Coming Soon!

Ballet Performance
Professinal Dance Seminar
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