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Happy New Year with a gift from SBD

In this wonderful new year, it is the wish here at SaraBibikDance that all cups may overflow and that everyone can feel the joy of moving, dreaming, and accomplishing.

We hope that you had a great if busy finale to 2022 and were able to have the holiday season that you wanted and needed.

To start off 2023 with inspiration, we have attached a gift for you. It is our newest offering and includes 2 posters and 2 coloring pages. It was inspired when a dancer in Sara Bibik's class was attempting to try a new skill and said the words "but this is hard". This dancer had the mindset that these words would convince Sara that because it was challenging, it was impossible. She didn't have the confidence that she was ready for this hard skill. Well, you might imagine that this initiated a great talk!

Yes, it was hard. Yes, she was well prepared for it. No, she wouldn't be good at it right away. Yes, she could do it eventually. It's good to try hard things. Several examples can be used with this discussion; from a new runner setting a goal to run a half marathon, to a baby learning ever so slowly (with lots of falling) to walk. Yes, it's hard, yes, it's possible, yes, you can do it.

This new line was created to remind dancers that they can do hard things. The posters use the pronoun "YOU" because it is meant to talk directly to them. The pronoun "I" is used in the coloring pages to help the dancers feel the impact of their individual power. We hope you and your dancers enjoy these items and find them useful.

If you are looking for other ways to engage your dancers, including:

  • setting goals

  • reflecting

  • learning ballet terms

  • helping them find their way post-high school

  • coloring some delightful and inclusive coloring pages

please head over to and see what might be useful and fun for your dancers.

We hope you enjoy your gift!!!

You . I . Can Do Hard Things_SaraBibikDance
Download PDF • 1.96MB

Here's to 2023!!


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