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JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages NOW available

As the days are chilly and snow is on the ground here in Chicago, it's nice to think about joy! I know you are pulled a thousand ways right now. I hope this brings you a smile.

JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages designed to normalize diversity while being joy-filled & technically precise

Young dancers see themselves in the pages and also celebrate those who look different from them. From "Butterfly Sit and Stretch" to "Demi Plié 5th Position" young dancers also learn technique and language while enjoying the delightful environments. They are available for you right now!

If you would like to support this mission

These fifteen images are the first installment of JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages. The next set, including sous-sus, arabesque, and grande battement à la seconde, will be available in March 2022. If you would like to know when the set is available please enter your email below.

Looking forward!


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