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Dance can bring joy to the world. This starts by dance itself being a safe, rigorous, fun, welcoming, and fascinating experience for students. offers activities, games, ideas, quizzes, and seminars for dancers, teachers, and support teams.

Activities for All Dancers include:

  • Post-High school Choices for dancers AND Dance in College Seminars

  • Jobs in the Dance World Cross Match Game

  • Chance Dance

  • Reflection Activities

  • Dance with Intention Activities

  • Goal Setting Activities

Activities for Ballet Dancers include:

  • JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages

  • Ballet Bingo Intermediate

  • Ballet Bingo Advanced

  • Ballet Flashcards

  • Ballet Terms Quiz

  • Ballet Essential Knowledge Quizzes

  • Ballet Bag Drop Games

Activity for Tap Dancers include:

  • Tap Flashcards

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