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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

After an extensive search, JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages found it's artist!! Elizabeth (Libby) Westra #westralibby is part of the team working to make the dance world more welcoming and inclusive.

JOY: Ballet Coloring Pages Producer Sara Bibik, loves to share coloring pictures with her youngest students. Although, there are wonderful coloring pages in the world, she wanted to bring more diversity in the physical features of the dancers in the images that she was bringing to her students. When she couldn't find what she wanted she was hit with the spiritual two-by-four "Oh, I think this is my work to do". She started looking for an artist right away.

After seeing Sara's request on social media, Libby answered the call and was one of many interested artists who submitted their work for consideration. Sara was excited about the cheerfulness, understanding, and professionalism that Libby brought to her application. She was brought on-board, and has been working tirelessly ever since.

Sara says "Libby took the vision I had and brought joy to the images. My assumption of final project was so much more basic and academic. She really brought them life. Her boldness, openness, and kindness make the images smile-inducing as well as important. The kids love images for how fun they are...the diversity is just so normal to them!"


Sara decided the best way to get these images to everyone and anyone that wanted them, would be to offer them as a pay-what-you-can. She understands that this is unusual, but says "If I want to be part of change, I feel it's OK to do things differently. When I heard myself say "no, I shouldn't, it's never been done that way", I heard the echo of directors and hiring executives saying the same thing. It was time to do best thing and not only what had been done in the past.

MORE on Libby!

Libby has her own shop on Etsy! Please check out for a smile. caring thought, and perfect card you won't find anywhere else.

Libby's photo: Photographer: Chloe Jensen and the picture appears courtesy of Aerial Dance Chicago


Fifteen NOW available on

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